Best Face Forward

Working in the real estate industry and walking into beautiful homes everyday it can easily be forgotten that some people don’t have a home to live in. Not only that, but once someone is on the street it can be very hard for them to have access to simple necessities like a place to shower or have a shave.

That’s why Nelson Del Cortivo (a local Canberran) has decided to take it upon himself to help empower our homeless by setting up an event where anyone can attend to get a shave or a haircut, something to eat and even the prospect of job.

What is Best Face Forward (BFF)?

BFF is about contributing and enriching the lives of our homeless community in Canberra.
Local barbers, hairdressers, chefs and volunteers will be donating their time, talent and resources to provide free haircuts, lunch, afternoon tea and much more to Canberra’s homeless community.


We know that by contributing and connecting with the homeless community, their lives can be changed and empower them to live a life off the street and be a part of our community.


Date: Saturday, 19th August 2017
Time: 1pm until 6pm.
Location: The Griffin Centre- 20 Genge Street Canberra City, ACT,

Who is invited?

Everyone! If you’ve ever wanted to do something about homelessness and never knew how, BFF is the perfect opportunity. We’re open to having people contribute in any capacity they can. This could include:

Coming along and showing support for the event and meeting our local legends;  Donating money, clothes, shoes or toiletries;

Assisting in organising the event or volunteering on the day;
Providing free services, equipment or materials for the event.

We are also looking for business owners or managers who would be interested in offering employment opportunities to our local legends!

Please contact Nelson at if you have any questions or would like to contribute on the day.

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