With the sounds of celebration heralding in 2017 along with endless well wishes for a Happy New Year, our thoughts are often quick to turn to the many possibilities that lie ahead.  Just like a blank canvas, we can once again start planning for the year that is certain to follow.

There is always the usual New Year’s resolution of exercise more, lose weight or stop smoking, but what if your resolution is to move or buy a bigger property?  You may be asking, “Is now a good time to sell?”

The short answer is YES! and this is why…

  • January is a great time to quickly establish who the serious Real Estate Agents are, they are the ones who are working and providing invaluable service to you and your potential buyers.  Their doors are open and phones poised to receive your call.

These agents are highly organised and have planned for the new year by returning to work early with a plan to kick start the year with a commitment to help as many families as possible find their dream homes as of January 1.

At McCann Properties we have a dedicated team of professionals on standby to provide qualified appraisals and market advice to set you on your way to a successful sale.  Service providers include photographers, media specialists and building inspectors; we can even provide recommendation on solicitors, financiers or specialised trades to alleviate possible selling stress.

  • Major changes occur across the Canberra Region at this time of the year with Public Servants, Defence personal and Teachers all transitioning into the area, keen to have their families settled as soon as possible.  They’ll be ready to make buying decisions as the new year rings in.

Many of these people are working on tight deadlines.  They need to make a decision and get the ball rolling to ensure they are able to relocate, secure school or daycare places for their family prior to the school year commencing.  They are usually decisive with regard to location and will rely on professional advice to secure the right property at the right price.

Often you will find, agents that prefer to take most of January off will advise potential clients that the market is slow at this time of the year, however just because they are on holidays doesn’t mean the market takes a break.  Those vendors who accept this advice often discover that there is an influx of competition in the market at the end of February and this in turn can have a negative effect on best price due to supply and demand shifting.

  • If you’ve been on the market without success, there is no better time to secure a new agent who is highly motivated and ready to be of service than the beginning of a New Year.

As they say “if nothing changes, nothing changes”!  If you have been on the market for an extended period of time and have still not received an acceptable offer then with the New Year ticking over it is probably the ideal time to make a change.

Often a change of agent can be like a breath of fresh air, a different set of eyes and a renewed strategy can quickly bring dramatic results.  If you have had endless open house showings, private viewings and feel you have not received genuine offers or factual market feedback then this is a definite sign that something needs to change.

A renewed strategy may involve a switch in the chosen method of sale, presentation advice, multi media recommendations and even a new pricing strategy.  Dealing with an agent who has a history of successful selling, a proven track record and commitment to excellence is certain to become one of the best decisions you make this year.

  • Extended daylight saving hours will provide you and your agent flexibility to show your property in its best light.

This time of the year can provide fabulous opportunities to best show off your home and it’s features.  From photo shoots that capture morning sun or evening sunsets, dappled light through lush garden vegetation or simply inviting people to view your property at the optimum time of the day.  After all, you know your property better than anyone so enlightening your agent about the evening view from the deck or ideal morning coffee spot can be invaluable for buyers to also experience and aid in their decision making process.

Daylight savings gives you and your potential buyers flexibility and options to experience the home at various times of the day.  Your agent is certain to schedule a program that will not only maximise the extended daylight hours but also suit your family’s lifestyle and needs and that of your potential buyers.

  • Finally if you are selling and buying in the same market, an early New Year result will give you great negotiating power when buying, and a committed agent can usually assist you here as well.

Having your property on the market in January often means you have slightly less competition with other vendors convinced that “nothing much happens in January as people are on holidays.”  As previously noted this could not be further from the truth!  In fact this is the ideal time to attract motivated buyers to your property who may be under pressure to secure a property within a defined timeframe.  These buyers will often pay a premium price for peace of mind, knowing they have secured a property in their desired location and their plan is intact.

Having the ability to then settle within the normal 30 day period will see you cashed up and ready to pick and choose amongst the influx of property certain to present when “people” move past the perceived holiday period.

This could provide you with the best of both worlds, achieving a good price and negotiating a great price all on your terms and best of all, your experienced McCann Properties agent can walk you through every step to ensure you enjoy a smooth transition.

“But what if I am moving interstate” I hear you ask?  Not a problem, we can also assist you with information on the state of the market in most areas, or connect you with other professional agents and service providers who can add value along the way.

Not to mention if you need to relocate before selling, McCann Properties are highly experienced and have a history of successfully managing property sales for interstate and overseas vendors.  You will relish the day you entrusted your property to McCann Properties, they will keep you updated and informed every step of the way.

So if you want to get a head start on the rest of the market, maximise your possible sale price, achieve a successful result within a short time frame with minimal hassle, the team at McCann properties can easily demonstrate why now is a great time to sell!

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