How to elevate your property in the current market

Similar to kids on a see saw, the swing of a pendulum clock, or the rigours of daily life. The property market has its ups and down.  While we can cling to the hope that we have read the market and have picked the perfect time to sell, we actually have no control over the market forces of supply and demand.

So how do you elevate your property in the current market?

Well it has probably never been easier to implement creative, effective ways to do this and with an open mind, a dedicated marketing plan and tried and true strategies you can achieve the goal of making your property stand out amongst all others.

With no control over how many properties you will be competing against for that elusive buyer, it is vital that you and your agent firstly understand the current state of the market and have a clear plan for how you can conquer it.

No matter the method of sale you select, there are tried and true methods that will see your property come out on top and have a successful sale finalised sooner rather than later.

  1. First and foremost presentation is everything and in a time where you have the potential to have your property on show 24/7 the initial preparation will be paramount. Yes, I know you have heard it all before but de clutter, clean, style and make repairs, a little time invested here will see you reaping the rewards down the track.
  2. Invest in quality marketing, whether its photos, videos, print media the Internet or a sign out the front, you need to promote your house in its best light so think about what time of the day your house looks best, daylight, twilight, dusk or dawn and make sure your photos clearly create the image you desire most, chances are others will share your thoughts.
  3. Equally the words that accompany those images need to send a consistent message whether it’s in a tweet, text, blog post, Facebook, Internet site or a weekly magazine or newspaper your sales message needs to be correct and consistent.  For example if your words say immaculate and well presented and your pictures don’t reflect that, you will have a problem.
  4. Ideally the agent you choose to represent you will be experienced in all methods of selling, whether with a price, or without, by auction or negotiation and have the ability to change, alter or reinvent the selling strategy should the need arise.
  5. If you find your plan to sell is not working out as you had hoped don’t just stay on the market hoping something will change and someone will come along, be proactive change your strategy and even your agent if need be.  Having an agent that “specialises” in an area or prefers to only sell using one option could prove inhibiting.

Tips and tricks that you can control yourself

  1. Consider removing your furniture and having a professional styling package installed. Your agent should be able to assist you with service providers and quotes which usually include the hiring cost and insurances, installation and removal.
  2. Fresh flowers displayed in the house, fresh bread warmed in the oven and even brewed coffee all aid in creating a homely scent throughout the home.  Smell can add a familiarity to potential buyers that they associate with happy thoughts.
  3. Perhaps set the scene, a laid out Alfresco area, drinks on a terrace, binoculars on a deck or even an open book and throw in your favourite reading spot.  Taking a little time to set the scene can make it easy for your potential buyers to quickly envisage themselves living in “their” new house.
  4. Consider investing in some photographic advertisements in the weekly magazine or Real Estate section of the newspaper running over several weeks.  Most people associate with pictures and are motivated to act when they see something they like. Depending on your location and budget some people even elect to have TV advertising.  Remember the more people that see your house the more chance you have of attracting the right buyer.

Most importantly, it is hard to sell a secret so consider carefully the importance and impact combining all these tips and tricks could make.

  • Select a great agent who is experienced and understands the market.
  • De-clutter, repair and/or have your home professionally styled
  • Invest in the marketing component of the property in line with your budget
  • Consider your price or selling method carefully, be prepared to alter it if need be
  • Create a warm atmospheric feel throughout the home for little cost
  • Listen carefully to what the market feedback is, discuss with your agent and act if need be

Just because everyone else is doing something one way doesn’t mean you can’t do something different, the old adage “tack” when others “tick” and stay ahead of the game is a great philosophy to have.

Having a plan and knowing what to do and when to do it is one of the best reasons to employ a professional to assist you, the right one will be able to read the market, provide you with qualified advice and ensure your property stands out in any market place, elevated to its rightful position and ready to be sold for the right price.

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