Meet Kristen
About Kristen

In every organisation the is a person who is calm, controlled and quietly goes about getting the job done. Kristen is that person at McCann Properties.

Having relocated to Canberra from Tamworth and successfully completing a degree in Psychology before marrying late in 2015, Kristen, after a chance meeting with Mark, quickly became a vital; all but irreplaceable member of the McCann team.

Confidently fulfilling the role of Office Manager/Administration she is the “go to person”. Completely reliable, Kristen oversees the day to day activities of the office, manages all marketing and deadlines, provides direct support to Mark and the team, liaises with third party service providers as well as successfully handling vital client service.

Her friendly, transparent, approachable nature is felt by all who come into contact with Kristen and her degree qualifications sometimes prove invaluable in what can be a high energy, intense industry. Her Innate ability to calm, control and resolve situations is a huge bonus that she unknowingly brings to the team.

Kristen loves the day to day challenges her role provides and the fact that she continues to be, after four years, a part of the exciting, progressive, family friendly business that is McCann Properties.

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