Marketing your property is all about attracting interest and creating competition amongst buyers. If you ask us, a high quality floor plan is an essential marketing tool to help sell your home.

Allow buyer visualisation

High quality, professional pictures of your home are important to showcase the features of the property.  However, photos alone are not enough for buyers to adequately visualise the layout of your home without a floor plan.  A real estate floor plan will help buyers visualise how the home will work for them, how their furniture will fit and how they can set the home up to suit themselves.

When it comes to viewing property photos online, it can be difficult for buyers to visualise the whole house through images alone.  This is especially the case when the property is empty.  Including a floor plan is a great way for potential buyers to get a feel of the home before they buy. While photos are fantastic for showing the size and layout of a room, they do not show buyers how the rooms sit in relation to each other. A floor plan finishes the picture for a buyer looking on the internet.

It is impractical to take a photo of every feature of the home. For example, your home might be equipped with built in robes to all of the bedrooms.  A floor plan is a great way to showcase this feature without taking an unappealing and impractical photograph of each wardrobe.

A floor plan also allows buyers to visualise your home should they be considering undertaking future improvements to the property like removing a wall or installing a new bathroom.

If buyers are visiting several properties, they can forget which property is which and confuse or overlook the finer details of each home.  Special features like extra storage or a studio can easily be forgotten.  Here, a floor plan is a valuable asset.

Increase buyer interest

Keep in mind that each buyer is shopping with certain criteria in mind. A floor plan might eliminate some buyers from your open homes as it does not suit their criteria however it guarantees that the buyers who do come to your open homes are twice as likely to be interested. Many buyers will look specifically for a floor plan when they are cruising the internet and if there is not one to be viewed, they will disregard the property all together.

Generate more leads

In our experience, including a floor plan as part of your property marketing has been shown to generate more interest than properties without one.

At McCann Properties, we include floor plans on your property’s internet profile and brochure.

A professionally drawn floor plan can help buyers on the internet understand a property’s flow and how the space will work for them.  Plans also allow out-of-town buyers or those who miss an inspection bring an unseen property to life and maintain their interest.

Brochures are distributed to prospective buyers when viewing the property and serve as a fantastic reference, allowing buyers to draw and visualise their furniture in the home as they walk around.

To that end, it is clear that floor plans put buyers ‘in’ your home.  They serve as a simple and effective marketing tool that can generate and maintain interest in your property and may just be the element that secures the sale of your home.


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