What is property styling?

Property styling means to decorate and organise your home and garden to make it appealing to buyers.

What are the benefits of property styling?

When selling a vacant home, the big question is whether or not to invest in a stylist and display furniture for marketing purposes. It’s really easy to photograph an empty house and throw it on the internet at minimal cost to the vendor. Whilst it may seem like another unnecessary upfront cost, investing in a stylist could add thousands of dollars to your final sale price.

One of the key selling factors to someone buying a house is emotion. Buying a home is likely the biggest investment of someone’s life and without emotion, the decision to buy your home is minimal. A house without furniture feels lifeless, with no atmosphere or emotion attached. A home that presents well is more inclined entice buyers to feel attached to the property.

It is difficult to visualise furniture in an empty space. Often rooms look smaller when they are empty and most people like a point of reference to refer their own furniture to. For example, seeing a lounge in the living room helps potential buyers to imagine their own lounge in that room and be assured that it will fit without any hassle. This is harder to do in an empty room.

The ultimate goal of styling your home is to make it appealing to the highest number of potential buyers, with the aim of selling your property quicker and for more money.

What will a stylist do that I can’t do myself?

Many people have a natural talent for home decorating.  However, we have found that engaging a professional property stylist will achieve far greater results.  An independent stylist can view your home objectively and they have the styling experience and know-how to persuade buyers.  With a large inventory of furniture, props and artwork, a stylist will bring together a unified design that best suits the features of your home and the market.

Stylists also provide a service for people who want to display their own furniture in their property for sale. Often when you have lived in your home for many years, it is easy for possessions to build up and you might not know where to start when de-cluttering. A stylist will be able to help you display your own furniture to maximise appeal and modernise for the market.

We’re here to help!

At McCann Properties we can help you make property presentation changes to appeal to the right market and work within your budget.  We work in partnership with a number of trusted Canberra property styling businesses who can help prepare your home for a sale campaign and reach its optimum selling price.  Let’s show off your home in its best light!



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