Stay safe this storm season!

Storm Season

When the Bureau of Meteorology announced a La Nina Weather Event in November, many homeowners were not sure what to expect. As Australians, we are no strangers to impressive storms, especially in Summer, that bring with them lots of heavy rain.

Here in Canberra, we have certainly seen an increase in recent storm activity, and with one of the wettest Spring and Summer seasons we have seen in almost 10 years, McCann Properties has put together some helpful information on how to prepare your home for a storm.

Tips to help storm-proof your home – Simple preventative measures for landlords

While mother nature can be unpredictable, there are preventative steps that you can take to protect your home from some of the damage that a summer storm can create. Storm-proof your home at this time of the year by:

1. Ensuring trees in your yard are cut back
2. Remove dead and trimmed branches, disposing of them appropriately, away from your house
3. Keep your gutters clear of leaf litter and debris
4. Maintain your roof, secure loose tiles, and seal any leaks
5. Ensure your insurance policies are up to date and cover storm damage

At McCann Properties, we are more than happy to facilitate the above on behalf of our clients. We have good working relationships with a variety of qualified local trades, handymen and arborists and would be happy to organise free quotes for you to compare.

Safety preparations before a storm – a quick guide for tenants

Here are some steps that you can take before a storm approaches:

1. Tie down or store away any outdoor furniture
2. Move vehicles undercover where possible
3. Bring your pets and unsecured items inside your home
4. Prepare an emergency plan and kit
5. Contact your Property Manager with any maintenance issues

For example – if you see any water spots on the ceiling, if gutters are overflowing during rainfall, if they appear full from ground level, or if windows or doors are leaking during rainfall. Please note; tenants are not to access the roof and are not required to climb ladders or the like to inspect the roof or gutters.

If you are evacuating, lock all doors and windows securely, and take your prepared emergency kit with you.

Safety preparations during a storm

If you are outside during a storm, you should find a safe place to shelter yourself as quickly as possible. If you are driving, make sure you stop somewhere away from power lines and trees. Remember to never drive through flood water.

If you are home during a storm, stay inside. Remember to stay calm and contact the SES on 132 500 if you require assistance.

Tune in to updates

Up to date information on weather emergencies can be found on the ACT Emergency Services Agency website. Listen for updates and warnings and follow any directions given by them.

Case Study

McCann Properties has first-hand experience as Property Managers, of homes that have been damaged during a storm. In one example, we were contacted by a tenant to say they had a skylight broken during one of Canberra’s recent hailstorms. Unfortunately, due to the damage, water was entering the home. We contacted the SES on behalf of the tenant, who attended and placed a tarp on the roof of the home as a quick preventative measure to stop any further water damage.

We were then able to provide the landlord with the correct information for the insurance company to process the claim.

While this process can take some time, it was a successful outcome, the damage was repaired, and our quick action prevented any long-term damage to the home.

What to do if your home is damaged

If any damage occurs to your home, please be sure to contact your Property Manager or Real Estate Agent as soon as possible. 

At McCann properties, we strive to create great relationships and outstanding communication between our owners and tenants. By providing our expertise and knowledge to all parties, your property can be maintained in its best possible condition, eliminating the potential for damage and minimising maintenance costs over the lifespan of the home.

When accidents do happen, we have a variety of qualified tradespeople and a quick response time that ensures any maintenance is responded to efficiently and thoroughly to fix the issue at the source. We effectively communicate with your insurance company and body corporate manager as required.

Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions about our service, or if you would like to have a chat about how we can help you maintain what is quite possibly your biggest asset. McCann Properties can be contacted on 026171 2220 or

With these tips, we can all enjoy a safe storm season!

This article is for general informational purposes only and must not be taken as legal, financial or any other professional advice. We recommend obtaining advice specific to your situation before making decisions relating to your investment property and financial position.

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