Street appeal is very important in the real estate business.  Many buyers like to take a drive past a property advertised for sale before they contact the agent for a viewing.  During this drive by, they are taking in the location, street, neighbours and what your home looks like from the outside.

Attention to street appeal can influence your success as much, if not more so, than the interior presentation and the price you have set.  This is their first impression and if this is not positive it is unlikely they will take the next step and view the home.  We have outlined some steps to help you improve your properties ‘first impression’ and maximise your potential to find the right buyer for your Tuggeranong home.


It is really important to create a neat and tidy impression of your front garden.  Most people are time poor; they don’t want a high maintenance garden that will require relentless upkeep.  You can give the impression of an easy care garden by freshly mowing the lawn, trimming any hedges and removing any weeds.  By presenting your garden in immaculate presentation, it creates a low maintenance vibe and the illusion that it needs little work to remain that way.

Front door

The front door of a house represents security and privacy.  Ensure that your front door and screen door are in good working order.  Make sure that both close properly and easily and that all locks are in working order. Make sure your screen door has no holes or tears.


If your entrance is dirty and cluttered it can be off putting for potential buyers.  Make sure your entrance pathway is clean and clear and its visible with easy access.  Make sure the outside walls are well kept or red-done to create a fresh and welcoming environment.  They may only need a spray clean or brush down.  Ensure stairs and handrails are clean.


Take a good look at your windows.  Cleaning the glass will improve the overall look of your property, inside and out.  Over time flyscreens to windows and doors can deteriorate and become damaged.  Consider repairing or replacing them.


The humble letterbox forms part of your properties overall look.  There is nothing worse than an old and rickety letterbox.  Consider painting the existing letterbox in a compatible colour to that of your property or replace it with a new letterbox.  Ensure you have a street number on the letterbox so prospective buyers can clearly identify your property.

Does the exterior of your house present in its best light for when people walk or drive by the property? First impressions are everything!

If you need advice on preparing your home for sale and what areas to focus on, please feel free to contact our office on 02 6171 2220.  We look forward to helping you sell your property in Tuggeranong.
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